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May 4th, 2008 at 06:58 pm

Together Everyone Achieves More! We have heard this a million times, but still I feel like some people do not get the concept. My question that I pose to the real estate world out there is this, why do real estate agents feel as if they are superior to loan officers? I heard a stat recently, that currently most realtors are working during any given quarter to do one transaction. That means on either the seller side or buying side. 1 deal every quarter??? How do you eat? That is why I ask, why not link up with a good lender and form a team? The key is though; itís a team, which means you do not boss them around. And you do not pit the client against them either. You work together to pool information and resources. Itís not every man for himself; that attitude is gonna keep getting you one deal every quarter. The client is part of the team too, therefore they are apart of the Together Everyone Achieves More mentality.